Welcome To Lola Romy


Welcome to Lola Romy xxxxx

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Well i just wanted to let everyone know about a little father and daughter project we’ve been working on. Me and Lola have been building ourselves a little online store for girls accessories. Its only small but we will be adding new product ranges each week. And as they say ‘from small acorns…..’. We are already in talks with a manufactour about Lola’s own brand products, so watch this space.


Ive built the website and Lola has helped (actually instructed me) on what we should sell. We wanted to build something that we as a family can all get involved in and hopefully be proud of. Then when Lola is old enough she will have a ready made an established online business to take in what ever direction she wishes.


And for those of you worrying about poor little Harriet, don’t panic her website is being built as we speak by daddy 🙂