Easy Bridesmaid Hair Style

easy bridesmaid hair style

Easy Bridesmaid Hair Style

Love this easy bridesmaid hair style we found over at The Beauty Department. It won’t be long until summer is on its way round and  and the wedding season begins. This bridesmaid hair style really looks great. Below are some simple instructions to follow along with I’d love to here how you get on.

easy bridesmaid hair style


Simple to follow instructions below.

quick easy bridesmaid hair style


1, The slight curl or bend in the hair stops it from popping out once the style is finished.

2, Part the hair, here it is done in the middle for two equal braids but you could quite easily do a large and a small braid if you wish. First one is a regular french braid.

3, The other side is an inside out french braid, just direct hair under instead of over.

4, sprinkle on your Sugar Dust or other texture powder. We recommend TIGI Bed Head Sugar Dust we think its a great product for giving volume to the hair.

5, Next is the bit that you have to style up a bit when you tuck the tail of the braid from the left in to the right and pin it with a large pin. If you have used the texture powder it should have a nice amount of volume and the ends will tuck away.

6, Once you have crossed one side do the same with the other side.

7, this pictures just shows you which way the hair was tucked.

8, So simply tuck the end of the hair away

9, Check it over with a mirror and keep the fly away’s in check with a bit of hairspray 🙂

One trick is to use texture powder to thicken up the braids especially useful for anyone with fine hair.

We love TIGI Bed Head Sugar Dust it really does work wonders.

We would love to credit TheBeautyDepartment.com for this easy bridesmaid hair style.


Until next time